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third time’s the charm

Hello! I have an urgent question, I am currently on my 3rd year of study and one of my courses I need to take to graduate needs a first year prerequisite which I took back in my first year and got a very low mark and dropped it, now I’m taking it again I am failing it again, can I drop it again and retake it during the summer of 2022 after I had taken a refresher course for it? Or will that show up in my transcript now because I have dropped it twice?

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to my knowledge, you should be able to drop the course and take it again in the summer. there are limits for retaking courses that you have already completed, e.g. to get a better mark, but as far as i know, if you’ve just dropped the course both times without completing it, whether it be a normal withdrawal or late withdrawal, that shouldn’t have any impact on enrolling in it again in the future.

fyi, the deadline to withdraw from winter session courses is coming very very soon on march 14th (4 more days!), so hope this gets to you in time! after that you can also apply for late withdrawals or cr/ncr on winter and year-long courses until april 8th.

hope this helps! if you have any other questions, definitely reach out or try booking an appointment with your registrar, who can provide more advice specific to your situation.

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