waiting, not waitlisted

I was notified today that uoft can’t offer me admission in this round of applications. They will consider it in the next round, meaning in the nest four weeks I would get the decision.

Does this mean I’m waitlisted? Should I be concerned?

hey there,

acceptances should be sent out throughout late january all the way to the end of may so there’s no need to panic yet! it looks like you haven’t been waitlisted at this point, but you’ll just have to wait a bit longer to receive a decision. if you’ve submitted all your required documents and everything you should be all set, so just hang tight and look out for more updates in the next round!

fyi, uoft will actually be starting a waitlist system this year for applicants that were close to meeting the requirements but weren’t able to get an acceptance directly. you can check if you’ve been invited to the waitlist in the ‘Check Your Application Status’ section of the join uoft site. waitlisted applicants will get their final decisions by june 17 for ontario high school students, or may 25 for other applicants.

however, if you didn’t get a ‘waitlisted’ status update, then rest assured, you’re haven’t been put on the waitlist, your application is just… undecided!

i know, i know, no one likes a cliffhanger, i mean come on, uoft… anyway, i hope that helps to somewhat quell your concerns. although the wait can be stressful, i hope you get some time to just chill and enjoy these next few weeks/months 🙂 and hopefully, you’ll get the final decision soon!

best of luck,


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