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let’s not do that

Dear aska,

It got me curious. What happens when everyone drops one specific course that there is no students enrolled in the course any more in the middle of the semester? It is merely a hypothetical question.

Thanks in advance!



lol, that would be both hilarious and quite sad.

disclaimer: everything i am about to say cannot be backed by actual facts, i’m merely hypothesizing.

i honestly have no idea what would happen. i asked my colleagues who have been here decades longer than i have and none of them had ever heard of this happening at U of T.

i hope that you’re only curious and that you’re not actually planning on organizing a course-wide drop because that would be pretty bad….a**.

i’m assuming that the department would try to conduct some sort of an investigation into why this class sucked so much and then take the appropriate measures to make sure it won’t happen again. like i said, there really is no precedent for this kind of situation so you’re allowed to use your own imagination????

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idk man.

peace and love,




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