will u of t ship me out?

Hello! I have applied to grad school. If I’m not accepted I plan to take a 5th year. Should I still confirm my intent to graduate? If I do confirm and I’m not accepted into grad school, will U of T ship me out?


hey there,

i don’t really know what the timeline is on your anticipated grad school admissions news, so it’s a little bit hard to say. from what i’m aware, you could technically confirm your intent to graduate and then cancel it later on. you wouldn’t be able to cancel it on your own– it would require a trip to your registrar. but it is doable, from what i’m aware. i just don’t know how long you have to cancel it. but if you successfully did, you’d be able to take that fifth year.

bottom line is i think you should visit your registrar and check it over with them, before the deadline to request graduation (january 31). if there are any other avenues you could take, they’ll be able to advise you of those as well.

hope this helped!

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