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so i did some calculations and it seems i will be 3.0 FCE short by the end of my fifth year. I’ll probably do .5 or 1.0 FCE in the summer and take an extra semester to do the remaining 2/2.5 FCE but i was wondering since that’s a full course load if I would be a full time student and would i have to pay full tuition? or just tuition for one semester? would u suggest doing more in the summers instead i really dont want to do a full extra year


hey there,

it’s always a little hard to answer tuition questions without details on faculty/program/year– there’s so much variation at this school and so many ways this could go. is this your fifth year? or are you anticipating this several years in advance? i have so many questions.

in 2020 we take care of ourselves, so for the sake of my own sanity, i’m gonna base this answer off of a first-year domestic innis college student’s fees instead of trying to cover every possibility ever. if you’d like me to do another division, let me know. you can always check your own fees out on fees.utoronto.ca or hit up your registrar for more specific advice.

if you’re in your fifth year already, i’m not sure that there’s any way you can avoid taking another fall or winter semester. the maximum you can typically fulfill in the summer is 2.0 credits, or 2 courses per each of the 2 summer semesters. there are exceptions to the 2.0 credit limit– you can request a course overload— but i really wouldn’t recommend doing so unless your academic record is impressive and you won’t have any other summer commitments.

so let’s say you take 2.0 credits in the summer. that means you’d be taking quicker-paced courses at the maximum summer load, and you’d still have 1.0 credits to complete. hmm.

if it’s between that and taking a lighter summer courseload, i’d take the lighter summer courseload. if you leave 2/2.5 FCE for the fall or in the winter, you’ll be paying per-course fees anyway, which should total to $3,163.36 with fees for 2 FCE or $3,773.36 for 2.5. that is, based on past fee schedules. you only pay full-time fees if you’re registered in 4.0 credits or more in fall/winter, so hopefully that helps ease a little bit of anxiety. i hope that answers what seems to be your main question, as well– whether you’d need to pay a full year of full-time tuition or not. you wouldn’t.

if you’re not in your fifth year, it would certainly be easier for you to avoid doing another year by taking summer courses. how many summer courses you’d need would depend on what you’re comfortable taking fall-winter, as well– if you’re up to it, you could stack 6 courses fall/winter and pay a lil less tuition. but i know that’s not necessarily feasible for everyone– it certainly wouldn’t be for me.

if you’re not a domestic innis student (which, statistically, you’re probably not) please check this advice over with someone, like your registrar! like i said, fees do vary quite drastically between different divisions. obviously what will vary most is the specific fee estimate– i think that generally it’s true that below 4.0 FCEs you don’t pay program fees, so you’d be exempted.

but like, never base your life choices solely on something a stranger on the internet said (i say, as i purport to offer all the answers to everything ever like the overreaching keener i am).

be Boundless,


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