relic of bygone times

can you pay your fees at the university or does it have to be online, because my dad is old fashioned and wants to go to the actual university to pay. Also if I pay on the second to last day of the deadline am I screwed or would I be ok?



hey there,

looked into this for ya and unfortunately, it does seem like u of t doesn’t accept payment on campus. that practice does seem to be a ~relic of bygone times~ here. just like i’ll be in a few years.

as long as you’re a domestic student, though, you should be able to pay in person– it would just have to be at a bank, not at the university itself. you’d need to visit a branch of your bank, probably with your student account number on you (i don’t think they can ensure the payment goes to your account without it). i know it’s not technically the same as going to the university to pay, but hey, it’s the best we got. your bank will get the payment to the school, trust.

really hope that works for you! lemme know if you’re not domestic, i’ll try to dig up another solution for ya.

and yes, if you pay on the second to last day before the deadline you are a-okay. the uni knows we procrastinate, and gives us a lovely lil 10-business-day grace period after the deadline. by then, your payment should be processed!

be Boundless,


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