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hi. i’m thinking of grad school. i passed but did poorly in one of the required courses. what’s the point of retaking a course that you’ve passed if it’s going to be marked as “extra” and not count towards GPA? (sorry if this sent twice i think there was a glitch)


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grad school! fun stuff. cool cool cool cool cool.

i’m not a grad school admissions officer. i dunno why i keep throwing this disclaimer in, because obviously yall know that.

so my best guess, then, is that the point of retaking that course is that it’d help you out with that requirement. if it’s really that important, it may be worth investing the time in. i’m thinking that anything listed as a required course will give the school an idea of how successful you’d be in their program. they might consider it separately from your gpa, maybe?

sorry. i did try to look into this, but i honestly have no clue about it.

if you really wanna be sure about this, i’d recommend you contact the grad school you’re looking into (different ones may see the situation differently), or at least speak to your registrar.

wish i could be of more help, man.

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