fee fi fo fum

how do you pay the tuition costs? and when? do they send you a bill?


fees! always a good time. not really. this is me trying to deal with my issues through positivity and i can tell ya it’s not working very well.

to check out how much you owe the uni and pay your tuition, you’ll want to log into ACORN. i’m assuming you have yet to do so, just cos if you’ve been on your ACORN you wouldn’t have this question. just make sure you have your utorid and password and you’re good to go!

once you get into ACORN, smack dab in the bottom right corner in a REAL big box is the ‘finances’ section. it’ll really conveniently tell you how much you owe– and if you click the ‘invoice’ section you’ll be able to see how that sum breaks down into things like tuition, incidental fees, and res fees if you’ve got them. and if you click the ‘make a payment’ button, there’s a section walking you through how that works.

some things you should know:

  • there’s usually a deadline for payments. it’s not til september-ish (i can’t remember right now, but rest assured it’s not soon).
  • a lot of people flip out if they pay on or just after the deadline, and don’t see any updates or confirmation from the school. they think they’re gonna get kicked out. they’re wrong. there’s a 10 business day grace period after the deadline, during which the university will wait to receive your payment without any consequences. if you ever have friends with this issue, please tell them to chill and hold off on visiting their registrar. if you ever have this issue, rest assured that all will be okay as long as your payment is in before the end of that period.
  • if you’ve got scholarships, osap, etc. you can defer payment. this basically means you’re allowed to register without paying, but still need to pay as soon as you’re able.
  • please, please! pay your incidental fees this year. i dunno how political i’m allowed to be here, but the ontario government is introducing a student choice initiative that basically makes fees optional if they’re going towards non-essential university groups/services.

i’m a lil worried that a bunch of people, especially first years who aren’t sure what’s happening, will opt out of these fees. but guys, they’re so important. so many of the student groups i’m familiar with on campus are bracing themselves for a challenging year– many don’t know what kind of resources they’ll have. these are the groups advocating for our rights as students– things like the utsu, or the varsity. we need the resources, transparency, and positive change these organizations enable. food banks, disability services, and sexual assault counselling are among the other things this opt-out puts at risk.

we may not be able to scrap the initiative directly, but we can pay our fees. the varsity literally costs us like two bucks, which is already one of the lowest student paper incidental fees across canada.  this has been a psa! not what you asked, sorry sorry, but i feel like it was important to throw in.

anyway, hope this was helpful! as always, best of luck with first year and all.

over n out,


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