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What are some tips for choosing a room at chestnut residence? I heard the elevators rarely work or break down a lot. Is that true and if so how often? Also how often are fire drills? Do the rooms offer some sort of soundproofness like regular hotel room doors do?



i’m not too familiar with how chestnut works, but i’ll try my best.

according to their website, there are various living learning  communities and themed floors in chestnut. there are some floors that are open to students in all programs of study and some that are for specific programs (for example, there are engineering floors, life science floors, humanities floors, etc). there are also floors for people with shared interests. there are also floors for people with the same interests, such as the arts and culture floor and the health and wellness floor. the living learning communities are a good way to meet people with shared interest or people who you might have classes with. i suggest that you go through the list of living learning communities that they have listed on their website and pick a floor based on the community that you’d like to be a part of.

as for your (very, very, almost too) specific questions, i really have no idea. you should contact the people at chestnut directly and check out their FAQ.

i hope this helps!

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PS- yes, i know that those are walnuts, but i couldn’t find any chestnut gifs.

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