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I am a first year student in the Life Sciences Program and I am currently taking STA215H5 in summer school at UTM.
We just had a term test (worth 20%) and I was caught with a formula on my hand – we had no authorized aids allowed other than a calculator. The instructor asked to speak to me after the test was over and I semi-admitted to it and she said that since a TA had seen me looking at my hand she was gonna have to report me (she said that this was evidence)
I have never in my life done anything like this before and I’m not sure why I did it now I guess I was nervous?
I tried reading some of the documents and procedures on the universities site but they co fused me even more. I plan on admitting guilty if I talk to the dean or anyone else. But I am really scared right now and I don’t know what to do or what will happen!?
Please give me a little bit of information as to how this might proceed.



so, i’d like to apologize for how long this response has taken me. i know that it’s a really stressful situation to be in, and i’m sure waiting for my response doesn’t exactly help.

i’m not sure if you’ve been officially charged with an offense yet, and you didn’t mention being charged. of course, it’s been a while since you’ve first sent me this question, so things could’ve changed. i’m going to answer your question and give you advice as if you’ve been charged.

according to utm’s academic integrity website, i think that what you described to me would have been a violation of section B.I.1(b) of u of t’s code of behavior on academic matters (“to use or possess an unauthorized aid or aids in any academic examination or term test or in connection to any other form of academic work”).

if, after the meeting with your instructor, they think that you have committed an academic offense, they will forward the issue to the departmental chair or the vice-dean/dean. after that, there are a few places that the case could go. check out this link for a flow chart that explains the process in which academic offenses are handled. since you are planning on admitting that you committed the offense, a sanction will be imposed by the office of the dean.

in terms of what sanction they may impose, the utm academic integrity website says that the range of consequences for this offense includes “a reduction of not less than twice the value of the exam, work, and test and/or an annotation on your academic transcript.”

unfortunately, i don’t have tons of advice about academic offences or academic integrity, but i hoped that this helped a little. i would get in contact with someone from the office of the dean who’ll be able to give you more information. their contact info can be found here.

dealing with academic integrity can be absolutely terrifying, but it’ll be ok. i wish you all the best.

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