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the strange world of exclusions


I took off the winter semester due to personal reasons however now I’m interested in coming back in the fall so I’m also trying to catch up on classes that I missed out on during the winter semester. I’m interested in taking an EEB major or specialist (not sure yet) but that means that I need bio130 which isn’t offered in the fall(only the winter). I know UTM and UTSC both offer the same course under different course codes (BIO152 and BIOA01H3) in the fall and I’ve decided to go to UTSC for that course since it makes more sense distance wise and also scheduling, but bio130 and bio120 both come up as ordered exclusions for BIOA01H3 and I don’t know what that means or if I can even take that course now, since it’s not under exclusions either.

Also if I’m taking a course at UTSC do I need to notify my registrar/program coordinator because I’ll want the BIOA01H3 to count as bio130 for a requirement for the program I want or can I just take it and it’ll just transfer automatically.

I know this is a lot all at once, sorry!! I’m just super confused and any help would be greatly appreciated!




welcome back!

as you said, BIO120 and 130 are exclusions for BIOA01H3. basically, if a course is listed as an exclusion, you can’t take the course if you’re taking (or have taken) the excluded course(s). you can check out the faculty calendar for more information on exclusions.

hypothetically, BIOA01H3 is equivalent to BIO130. however, i don’t know whether or not the EEB department will accept BIOA01H3 as a part of their program requirements. i would definitely get in contact with them directly to see if they would accept BIOA01H3.

since you’ve also taken some time off, i suggest making an appointment with an academic adviser at your college registrar’s office. i personally find it really helpful to talk to someone about my academic plans and to have a capital-A Adult tell me that i’m on the right track. they’ll also be able to give you more detailed information on taking courses at another campus, if that’s the route you decide to go down.

hope this helps! sorry that i couldn’t really give you a concrete answer either, but equivalent courses at other campuses and figuring them out always throws me for a loop. and i don’t wanna lead you astray or give you bad advice.

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good luck!



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