all these doors and they still won’t let you in

Lmao I’m a first year and I unknowingly missed my res application deadline do you know how likely it is I’ll get accepted from the waitlist? Thanks



unfortunately as a fellow student myself, there are certain things i don’t have access to. one of those things is waitlist sizes, and it can be pretty difficult to estimate likelihood of getting off a waitlist without those. class waitlists are an easy estimate, res and admission waitlists not so much. on top of that, it’s hard for me to even poke around without knowing which residence it was you applied to.

sorry, bud. really wish i could be of more help but this is one of those things that there’s no real rule for. or at least, i’m not aware of one. hopefully at least they gave you a time window of when you might hear back? i know for other students it’s been late june/early july.

i would recommend that you give the residence in question a call and see if there’s anything concrete they can tell you. otherwise, you may want to start looking into other options. having been in a tough housing spot myself, i did this snazzy lil (read: actually quite long) post on off-campus housing a while back. your potential residence may be able to refer you to other resources as well, as i’m sure they encounter this circumstance pretty often.

wishing you the best of luck sorting this out. i know it can be tough. as always, lemme know if there’s anything i can do to help.

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