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Hey, I’m a soon to be UTM student studying social sciences, and was wondering how hard or competitive it would be to switch to Uoft st George campus rather than the Mississauga one. What type of gpa would I need and what type of process will I have to go through. Also I had originally applied for uoft st George but was rejected and given an alternative acceptance to uoft Scarborough and Mississauga, would my rejection lessen my chances to get into st George?


hello hello and welcome to askastudent! (and u of t at large i guess)

maybe this’ll come as a surprise to you, but this is actually a highkey common question. you’ll be looking to do a lil something we call an internal transfer, for which you’ll need this ouac app. that’s right, you’re being sent back to ouac. it’ll cost you 90! entire! dollars! and your deadlines will be sometime in january, if previous years’ are any indication. i wrote in this post that it’d be best to get it done during christmas break, but i’m realizing now that it’s likely better to get it in as soon as you can. all i know is it’ll open in the fall (at the same time as other u of t apps i’m assuming?) so just keep an eye out.

the type of gpa you’d need will obviously vary by program– especially if you’re hoping to transfer straight into POSt. i don’t know what your plans are regarding this, so it’s hard to speak to– and either way, i don’t really have that kind of data. maybe i should look into getting it, if possible. problem with this kinda info is it’s so hard to track down.

if you’re transferring into the social sciences, though, i’d say that generally things will not be as competitive as programs like compsci. unless you’re shooting for something super prestigious like peace, conflict, and justice, socsci tends to not be as cutthroat.

what i’ve done in the past is referred people to utm’s internal transfer gpa requirements. to be competitive as an internal transfer student there, you’d need a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 2.5 and upwards. it’s hard to tell, though, if those requirements carry over to utsg– so i would advise you to speak to your registrar and see if they have anything more concrete for you. they may know, too, if your past rejection will lessen your chances. i know that for external transfers, unis will typically look at a student’s whole academic record, but i don’t reeeeallly know if this carries over to internal transfer kiddos.

hope this was still helpful, though! best of luck with your first year and the internal transfer.

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