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thank you so much for answering my question on priority enrolment! i had a second question about that: if i have priority for a certain course does that mean i get to choose that specific course at an earlier date than my other courses? or do i still choose all the courses at the same time?



if you have priority for a course, it doesn’t mean you get to enrol in it earlier than your others, no. how it works instead is that enrolment for everyone else opens up later– meaning those without the priority designation need to check back later on and see if there’s still space.

according to what the timetable says at this moment, if you’ve got priority enrolment, you’re among a select group of students that can register before july 31. there’s a small gap in course enrolment aug 1, then once august 2 rolls around anyone else in artsci can vie for a spot. meanwhile, students from utm or utsc seeking to enrol in utsg courses will be able to do so after august 9.

hope this makes sense and lemme know if you need any other help with enrolment/navigating the system/etc. etc. i take fun questions, too! been a while since anything spicy has hit the ask box. 

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