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The Mystery of Women

OK, seriously. I feel I need to ask someone, *someone* who may be able to helpexplain something to me.I’ve noticed over the last few years that university-aged women (i.e., women intheir twenties) talk like stoners. Seriously. They speak in a low grumblingtone, like they are lethargic and were just woken up from their midday nap infront of the loud TV. Don’t get me wrong, I used to smoke enough pot that theexhaust would fill the Hindenburg many times over, but I have never *never*talked like a stoner (and for the record, I don’t smoke anymore because I findit too strong now and it just puts me to sleep). Anyway, I don’t mean tosingle-out the women but I honestly don’t see the same trend/pattern with theguys. I look to the trust-worthy observers at AAS and I’d love to hear thecomments. I conclude that I don’t have a problem with how people speak, but Ithink this speaking “trend” is just that and I’d love to learn more about itsorigins (not that I’m looking to adapt the trend anytime soon).ta


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