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finishing it ALL in first year

Hey aska!I was wondering, how necessary is it to finish all or most of the breadth requirements in the first year? Everyone has told me so far to finish as much as I can first year, but the courses that I’m taking, I need, and they only fill 3 breadth requirements. I’m in Humanities so group 1, 2, and 3 are covered, but not 4 or 5. I feel like it’s more important for me to take classes I need/really enjoy for first year just because I heard it’s the most difficult and taking classes that you’ll enjoy will make it easier for you to do well.So what do you think oh wise one?


hey there,

it’s not at all necessary. if you can cover 3/5 breadth requirements in first year, that’s pretty good. something that might be helpful if you’re not keen on the science-y end of the academic spectrum, is to leave some space in your degree for 100-level courses that you can use to fill those 4th and 5th categories whenever you like (since the university will only let you take 6.0 100-series FCEs total during your degree).

there’s nothing wrong with taking 100-level (or even 200+ level) courses in later years to satisfy breadth requirements. just make sure that you’re comfortable doing them whenever you decide to, and that it doesn’t get in the way of any of your plans for future years.

oh yeah: it’s a good idea to plan out your future years. not because you’re likely to follow that plan all four years, but because it gives you an idea of the possible roadblocks ahead, and how you might solve them. as long as you have an idea when you can fit in those breadth req’s, it’s not at all a big deal if you don’t do them right away.

and yes, it is important to take courses you’ll enjoy – first year or not. parents and relatives will try to convince you to take courses or follow career paths you’re not interested in using all manner of trickery. regardless of what they say, you have to remain a stubborn mule and keep pushing for doing exactly what YOU want to do.

even if that means putting off a couple breadth req’s for a year or two.



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