breadth requirements

all courses are breadth req’ courses

are there enough 200-level (or even 300-level) courses for me to take specifically during the summer to fulfil my breadth requirements? i know we can only take 6 100-level courses for credit so i’m wondering if i should “save” the opportunity to take a 100-level course for a breadth requirement during the summer.


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saving 1.0 100-level FCEs for breadth requirements is a pretty smart idea, though not mandatory. p.s. you can use those 1.0 100-level FCEs whenever you like, not just during the summer – just so you know.

as for 200+ level courses which can be used to fulfil breadth requirements…that doesn’t really make sense. EVERY course in the faculty of arts & science fulfils a breadth requirement. and plenty of those are offered during the summer. so yeah, i’d say there are enough. i don’t know which breadth req you want to fulfil though, so i don’t know what to recommend.

however, you can take a look at the summer timetable from 2014 to see what courses were offered. if they were offered this summer, it’s likely (though not certain) that they’ll be offered again next summer, so that’s one way to at least partly plan things out.

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