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course pickins’ over the summer

What is the course selection like for summer section? Can I depend on certain courses (eg, breadth requirement fillers) to be available over the summer?


hey there,

here’s the thing that a lot of incoming students get confused by: there is no such thing as ‘breadth requirement courses.’

to clarify: there’s no distinct category of courses that exist just to fulfil breadth requirements, and nothing else.?every course at uoft fills a breadth requirement. capice?

alright, so let’s extend the logic a little. if every course can fulfil a breadth requirement, then what you’re asking is whether you can depend on every course to be offered in the summer term. and unfortunately, you can’t. the summer term is sort of like an abbreviated version of the fall/winter term – only the highlights are repeated.

however, the question you’re likely trying to get at is, ‘can i depend on the courses i’m interested in, that i’m going to take to fulfil certain breadth requirements, to be offered in the summer?’

and the answer to that is: maybe.

if a course was offered last summer term, then it is more likely that it will be offered again this coming summer (that timetable can also give you a pretty good idea of the range of courses that are offered during the summer).

if a course has multiple sections and large lectures this term, then it’s also more likely that it’ll be offered in the summer.

unfortunately, you can’t depend on any courses to be offered for certain. every year, each department decides which courses it’s going to offer, and until the timetable comes out for each term, there’s no way to know for certain what they’ll decide. some courses are a safer bet than others, but there are no guarantees until that summer timetable comes out in late april-ish.

best of luck with your course selection, my friend,


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