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my favourite time of year is almost upon us. no, i’m not talking about christmas. and no, i’m not talking about bath day, or go-home-and-let-your-mom-do-all-your-laundry day (although that day is pretty FREAKING GREAT).

i’m talking about SUBJECT POST ENROLMENT TIME! this is one of the most exciting times of the year for first years (and sometimes even for second years…and third years…). i would argue that it’s the MOST exciting for people who haven’t totally decided what they want to do. maybe you have a general idea, but you’re not exactly sure what you want. or maybe you don’t have any idea what’s out there.

if you’re feeling CONFUSED and BAFFLED by the whole thing, then this is the perfect opportunity to explore all the wonderful options that are out there for you!

to get you started, aska will be doing a series called?’subject POSt spotlights,’ where i’ll be talking about programs at uoft that maybe aren’t as well known – but might be exactly what you (yes, YOU) are looking for. these spotlights will be leading up to the subject POSt enrolment date, which starts on april 1st.

this is not a decision to make lightly. so i want you to read up, start thinking, and then you can make an INFORMED CHOICE?about what you want to study that won’t leave you feeling awful when you graduate?because you wasted four years and $30k on a degree you don’t actually care about.

so when will these spotlight posts be going up, aska??? well, i can’t commit to a schedule because i’m a child, so they’ll probably be coming out sporadically a couple times a week. if you want to keep track of when they get posted, feel free to follow aska on twitter/tumblr/facebook.

see you around,


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