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Happy Thursday. The strike is now over, so rejoice.

As for my question, are Breadth Requirements fulfilled at UTSC recognized at UTSG?? (I want to attempt an internal transfer and change programs.)

I’ve checked out the Transfer Explorer, and I’m wondering if you can confirm that the little box at the bottom of the white box that says “BR = number i.e. (2) ” thing at the bottom is in fact the Breadth Requirement specification.

Thanks so much!


hey there,

yes, UTSC courses can count for breadth requirements at UTSG. however, you have to be careful. a course that fulfils a certain breadth requirement at UTSC might not fill any breadth requirement at UTSG, OR it may fill a DIFFERENT breadth requirement. sneaky, sneaky.

transfer explorer is definitely the place to go to keep you on track for this kind of thing. if you type in a course and it tells you BR=2, for example, then that transfer credit will go towards the second breadth requirement group. here’s an example so you can see what it looks like in transfer explorer.

so basically – yes, you’re right. what am i even doing here? hmm.



P.S. thank you for indicating what campus you’re from, you’re truly amazing, and so beautiful, hopefully if i do enough positive reinforcement everyone will start specifying which campus they’re from alright bye.

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