one programs

*smacks your hand* NO, that first-year seminar is NOT for you

Are you allowed to take one programs and first year seminars at st. george at the same time?


hey there,

you are allowed to take both college one and 199 courses with TWO exceptions:

1) if you are taking a vic one course, you are not eligible to take a 199 course?(sorry ’bout that, vic one folks).

2) if you are in trinity one, you?can take a 199 course, but they advise you to talk to your registrar’s about it before deciding to do so (see the ninth question from the top).

so if you’re in any other one program (i.e. Woodsworth?One, SMC One, New One, etc.) you’re able to take a 199 as well.

have fun taking your super teeny-tiny course about, like, new media in the cosmopolitan city or contentious health policies or whatever crazy-cool stuff the profs are teaching these days.



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