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I’m in 2nd year and decided to apply to a couple of work-study programs a few days ago but the u of t site says that you start working on the 14th (even though the deadline for the apps are in october?) and I haven’t gotten a reply from any of the places I applied to. Plus one of them sent me an automated response saying that they were on vacation until classes start (the 14th). When do they usually hire and did I apply too late?


hey there,

so the final deadline to apply to work study in general is October 2nd. after October 2nd, all postings will automatically disappear and hiring will end until the summer.

HOWEVER, some work study positions take their postings down earlier because they need their work studies to start earlier for whatever reason.

if you come across a posting you’re interested in, follow the deadline that’s specific to the posting. if they don’t include one in the posting, assume that you can apply until the 2nd and just submit your application. what’s the worst that could happen?

some of them hire really early, and some go right until the deadline, so there’s really no “early” or “late.” there are still plenty of opportunities left – so don’t give up hope! you too, can make just enough money to eat out too often at cheap pizza joints at 1am on a Tuesday.*



* no, i don’t do that. what would possibly make you think that? that’s just my whimsical, artistic interpretation of the modern student’s life. i am actually remarkably put together and always in bed by 10:30pm. so. admire me.

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