MIA roommate

I’m in first year and I’m finding it difficult to make friends. I have a roommate but their best friend from high school also attends u of t so i dont see her that much. I’ve joined some clubs but i’m not sure whats the best way to meet people on campus? Any advice?


hey there,

sometimes, roommate-hood is like a slow burn. remember that scene like halfway through the philosopher’s stone where harry, ron and hermione battle the troll, and then they become really good friends after because, well, how could you not after battling a troll?

that may happen to you. it was only about december when my first-year roommate and i became better friends. you never know.

however, that may not happen. let’s say your roommate is MIA for the whole year. what do you do then?

joining a club is a great idea. some tips about clubs: try to go consistently. when people see you on a regular basis, they’ll be more comfortable talking to you. that goes the other way around, too. you’ll feel more confident approaching people you see regularly.

if you live on residence, absolutely talk to other people on your floor! attend floor events, or events organized by your college’s residence council.

if you’re shy, maybe start by talking with your don. express your concern to them. they can keep you in the loop about events and make you feel a bit more comfortable, or even give you a more active role in organizing/helping out, so you don’t feel so awkward. they’re also just there if you want a bit of a chat and don’t feel comfortable talking with anyone else.

i know reaching out is hard in a new place, where every face is a new face. however, all you have to do is reach out to one person.

any one of these options is a potential avenue for friendship. all you have to do is start walking down one of them, and see where it takes you!

good luck,


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