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Hey aska,

I hope this is the right place to ask this question. In June 2016 I’ll graduating with my H.BSc here at UTM after 4 years and the problem is, I COULD be happier! I learned in 3rd year that I should’ve switched into Comp. Sci. when I had the chance, the field I dream of working in on a daily basis, but I was a fool and was just too lazy to take another 4 years here since I have no courses from my Majors/Minors that would be usable for any Comp. Sci. programs. I guess my question to you is, are there any co-op programs at UTM (that don’t exist on the site dedicated to co-op programs) that could maybe put me into a Comp. Sci. program (where I could be a bit more specific later) where my current H.BSc. degree would be beneficial? I know this is vague as shizz but any info would be appreciated! And if not, would this be a question best suited for an academic adviser? Thank you again aska!


hey there,

i’m not sure i 100% understand what you’re asking. if you’re already graduating with a bachelor of science from UTM, you would not be able to do another undergraduate program leading to another bachelor of science from UTM. you’re only able to do another bachelor’s degree at UTM if it is leading to a different degree – so either an H.B.A., or B.Comm.

if you want to delay your graduation and change track a little bit, you could start taking computer science courses now at UTM. however, that would probably require you to stay at UTM for a while longer, and there’s no guarantee you’d get into the subject POSt.

in addition, co-op doesn’t exist as an undergraduate option at UTM, only at UTSC, and you likely wouldn’t be able to transfer so late in your degree.

what you may be able to do is take some computer science courses as a non-degree student. you may also be able to enrol in a B.Eng. program on the downtown campus as a second degree student. you could specialize in electrical and computer engineering, as a way of studying computer science, but still graduating with a different degree.

you may also want to consider a college program. for example, here’s a two-year computer programming certificate offered by Seneca College – and there are lots more.

these are all just options. i’m sure there are a lot more i can’t think of. i’d highly recommend you check in with your registrar’s office. they’ll know a bit more about your situation and be able to give you more specific advice than i can. plus, they’re just infinitely cool. i’m registrar’s offices’ #1 cheerleader, tbh.

best of luck!


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