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Do first year One courses have exams/tests?


hey there,

there’s no cut and dry answer to this. like every other course in the faculty of arts & science, some of them do have final exams, and others don’t.

i think the fact that One courses are, by definition, smaller seminar courses, means that they can get away with using forms of assessment other than exams, and so many of them won’t have exams. however, that’s definitely not true across the board, and i can’t even say whether the majority don’t use exams.

for example, innis one has three courses, and only one of them, INI100H1, has a final exam. vic one’s northrop frye stream has three courses offered in the fall term, and of those, one of them has a final exam. a look at the exam schedule will tell you exactly which courses have exams, and which don’t.

so there’s no rule, one way or another. but a snoop around old exam schedules will probably yield plenty of information about the courses you’re interested in.



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