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Can you take both College Ones and first year seminar? I am currently enrolled in Woodsworth One’s program but want to take SSI first year seminars (2 half year SSIs).


hey there,

thanks for specifying which college one and first-year seminars you’re interested in! that makes my job a whooole lot easier. and y’all know how profoundly lazy i am.

it seems as if students doing Woodsworth One are also able to enrol in first-year seminars, though keep in mind that no first-year student is able to take more than 1.0 FCEs’ worth of first-year seminars. you will, regrettably, probably end up in at least one giganto-class in con hall or isabel bader, regardless of how many seminar courses you take. good luck to you. sitting closer to the front and pinching the skin between your thumb and pointer finger will help with keeping you awake; just a little tip.



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