it’s automatic, it’s systematic, it’s… economics!

Should I take economics (ECO105Y1) as a sociology/polisci student? I’m going into my first year and the requirements for social sciences are loose in my case but I was wonder if I take economics non specialist it would help me as a sociology/polisci student in the long run or is it kinda pointless? I don’t want to take more math if I don’t have to lol



i can’t really tell you whether or not taking ECO105 would be pointless or not in the end; it all depends on what your interests are and what subject POSts you want to apply for. for example, a lot of my friends who are in social sciences took ECO105 in first year so that they could apply for IR, which requires ECO100 or 105. 

i recommend looking into the subject POSts that you’re interested in and looking at what first year courses are prereqs for the program. that’s the only way to really know if a course “pointless” or not. whatever the “point” may be.

as for the amount of math, i have no clue how much math is involved in ECO105. i hate math with a burning passion and avoid it at any cost. according to the course calendar, though, it says that the course “emphasizes economic literacy” and that there are “fewer mathematical tools” than ECO100. take whatever you want from that, i can’t really gauge how much math is involved and i’ve never taken the course.

i hope that helps! catch you on the flip side (on campus in the fall!)



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