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upping the ANT(e)

Can I major and minor in the same thing? I mean they are slightly different. Like if I’m majoring in Anthroplogy (Science) for the BSc… and want to minor in Anthroplogy (Arts) is it allowed? My other minor is Political Science.


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as far as the artsci degree requirements indicate, as long as you have 12.0 distinct full-course equivalents (FCEs) between your programs, you’re able to take both the anthro major and minor. i consulted the undergrad anthro page for your requirements, and it seems like if you’re careful with the courses you choose, you are able to get 12.0 distinct credits out of this combination.

i’d suggest you talk to your registrar just to confirm. degree explorer is also a useful tool we’ve recommended in the past, that can help you track this yourself.

this is kind of a weird one– usually i’d suggest you take a specialist if you love your stuff that much, but i guess one isn’t available for the sciencey anthropology. huh.

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