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we love specifics!

any word yet on when course selection will be?


hello hello,

yes, actually, i’ve been planning to put an update out and this has been a good reminder! big thanks to u of t memes for true blue teens, actually, for providing me with this info before i found it myself. it’s listed on the artsci website, but is highkey hard to dig up because i guess we still havin’ issues.

since you’re reading this already, and since i promised updates, here are the dates. we love specifics!

first years can see their start time on july 19 and their course enrolment begins july 25.

second years get their start time july 12 and can start enrolment july 18.

third years’ dates are the 8th and 15th.

fourth and fifth years get their start time today (july 3) and can register in a week, on the 10th.

where can you see your start time, you ask? ACORN has your back for this one.

don’t forget to plan your schedule out using the timetable, and be aware of your POSt prereqs and breadth requirements! best of luck to everyone with the whole process. hope the start times are favourable and yall get the classes you need.

be Boundless,


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