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it do be hard

im a first year enrolled in uc but living in an apartment can i still pay for a meal plan? i cant make food for the life of me


hello friend,

you certainly can! i figure you probably googled it but weren’t able to find anything– that’s because, according to this site, the plans aren’t available for purchase til august of each year. so hang tight– they should be up soon, and with updated fees.

if you’re not on res, you can purchase an unlimited dining plan valid at certain locations. new college’s dining hall is usually one of them, which is a win ’cause new is known to have the best dining hall food on campus. when you purchase a plan, you choose a certain period of time it’s active for as well– a year? a semester? a month? i’m not sure what the offerings will look like this year, that’s just based on what it’s been in the past.

i’m pretty sure buying the annual plan gives you more ~value~ because it’s cheaper per day. an alternative to that is purchasing a plan for a semester, just til you get on your feet with the whole adulting thing. it can get pretty tedious having to go to campus for your every meal– trust me, once january or february hits and it’s -30 wind chill, you’ll want to stay at home if you can. and chances are, you’ll also still end up eating out with friends, skipping breakfast, and wanting snacks outside of dining hall hours.

these reasons are what have deterred me, personally, from getting a meal plan, although biting the bullet and purchasing a plan can be the right choice for some people. i do believe you’ll learn how to make your own food at some point– but baby steps! it’s totally fair if you don’t feel up to feeding yourself every single meal right now. it do be hard.

another option you have is to load your tcard with tbucks, which will give you a discount at a bunch of on-campus dining locations. you can also use these tbucks for printing or bookstore purchases, so if you don’t use them all on food, they won’t go to waste.

that said, if you do wanna go for the full-year unlimited plan, by all means. it can help free up time you would’ve otherwise spent doing groceries and cooking, and hey– maybe you’ll end up making friends in the dining hall. just want you to be aware of your other options, as well as some things i’ve picked up along the way. at the end of the day, choose what works best for you!

be Boundless,


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