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hello! I am currently enrolled in one FYF seminar and waitlisted for two other FYF seminars (ranked number 4 for one and 18 for the other). I came across this post on uoft’s subreddit that mentioned there is a limit to a maximum of two seminars/1.0 credit. Now, what exactly does this mean? If I get into the classes I am waitlisted for, I would not get the credits for them? Should I drop one of the seminars I am waitlisted in… I probably don’t even have a chance of getting in, right? Thank you!


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would you look at that– reddit being reliable for once. whaddaya know. miracles do happen. this is a real warning, yall– some stuff on the u of t subreddit is the blind leading the blind. it can be useful for giving you an idea of things, but for any serious decisions please consult your registrar!

the above gif is meant in a friendly way, just to be clear heheh.

this limit to a maximum of two seminars basically means you can’t register for more than two, not that you can take them but just forfeit the credits. if that makes sense. so you’ll max out if you get off one of those waitlists, and likely won’t be able to get into the other regardless of your place on that list.

as for your question about the likelihood of getting in, the general rule of waitlists is that if you’re in the top 10%, chances are good the list will move for you. that means, given what i know about seminars, that you’re not top 10% for either of these classes.

however, first year seminars are pretty worth, from my experience. personally, i’d advise you to drop the course for which you’re waitlisted 18th, and stay on the 4th place one. you can try to audit the course before you get in– show up for class and get the syllabus and readings, so you don’t fall behind. this is probably only worth doing if you’re actually interested in the course material, though.

i have heard that sometimes, in smaller classes, the prof might be able to do something about getting you in as well. i have no clue how accurate this is, but hey.

your call! hope this was helpful.

be Boundless,


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