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hi! In what situations would a department let you into a class after the waitlist drops? I’ve 3 courses waitlisted and I probably won’t get into 2 of them. These are possible courses I can take to fulfill a requirement. I am in/will be taking another course that will fulfill this requirement. Would they let me in these courses if I don’t get in after waitlist drops? Also, kinda freaking out cause I want/need to take 5 courses this fall


hey there,

i’m not aware of any situations in which you’d be ‘let in,’ per se, after the waitlist drops. however, i have heard of a kind of loophole, which is this: there’s a gap in time between the day the waitlist closes and the last day to add a course. this year, the fall waitlist closes september the 13th, but the last day to add is the 18th. in between these days, there’s a sort of free-for-all: if someone decides they’d like to drop a course, a spot will open up on ACORN for anyone to snatch up. so you can give that a try. it’s not a reliable solution by any means, but it is a chance.

i’m not sure how else i can help you, given that i don’t know anything about the nature of the requirements. do you mean prerequisites? graduation requirements? program requirements? usually, if it’s the type of program requirement that gives you flexibility (eg. pick two courses from list a and one from list b) you almost definitely will not be snuck off the waitlist for your preferred class in that group. they’ll just tell you to take another class, even if it’s one you don’t really wanna take.

if they’re super pressing requirements, you can always try begging the department to let you in, i guess. if that one course would keep you from graduating on time or something, maybe they’d make an exception.

in terms of your chances of getting off the waitlist the normal way, what i usually tell people is this general rule: if you’re in the top 10 percent, chances are the waitlist will move. people will drop out, move out of the country, bleach their hair off and decide they can’t show their faces at school for a sem… you name it. or just decide they wanna dip. hey, whatever the reason is, it might give you what you want.

in the future, i’d suggest that you don’t put yourself on quite so many waitlists. stressy situations like these are best avoided, especially if you’re not optimistic you can get off those waitlists. i dunno. 3 seems like a pretty big risk to me. best of luck with it all. feel free to drop by your registrar for more specific advice, if ya want, but hopefully this helped.

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