hello my dumb ass just realized I messed up when creating my email address. The ic info site says changing it is essentially replacing it so will I have to tell my registrar or will they get some notification? What about my professors?


hey there,

never run into this one before– and the people i’ve talked to say an email address change isn’t even possible. i did dig up the same webpage i’m guessing you looked at, though– this one? 

if ya check out the ‘important note’ on that page, it lets you know that you’re the one who’s gotta step up and let people know about your email replacement. the people who email you may know something’s up because anything they send to your old email will probably bounce, but they won’t know where to reach you moving forward.

short answer: you’ll have to tell your registrar, your profs, and anyone else important about your email address change. no one’s gonna do it for you, man. hopefully it’s not too tedious of a process.

“wow, thank you aska! you’re a lifesaver. i’ve never encountered anyone quite this lifechanging. if i could venmo you some of my GPA to show my gratitude, i would.”

in all seriousness, hope this was helpful.

be Boundless,


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