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you just got FINCA’d

hi! my status on acorn for summer says financially cancelled, but i never enrolled for summer classes in the first place. is this normal?


hello hello,

yes, this is normal! how the ACORN system operates is this:

  1. you’re invited to register in a session (ie. fall/winter or summer, in your case summer 2020)
  2. you enroll in courses
  3. you pay the minimum payment to register by the stated deadline, which has now passed
  4. you’re registered!

or, like a choose-your-own-adventure, you can branch off at the first step and not enroll in courses. since you obviously don’t pay if you don’t enroll, you don’t get to make it to step 4. what happens at this point is you get FINCA’d. financially cancelled.

this is not the same thing as getting cancelled on twitter. it does not mean that you are in trouble. all it means is that ACORN has acknowledged that you have not paid on time for a given session, and so you do not show up in the system as a current student. which is what you want if you didn’t intend to enroll for a session in the first place.

for future references, two things to note about getting FINCA’d:

  • when this status shows up on your ACORN, it also means you’ve been booted from any classes you might have been enrolled in
  • if you didn’t intend to get FINCA’d, ie. you meant to register but didn’t pay by the deadline, what you need to do is get in contact with your registrar. they’ll be able to process a late registration for you, which is usually accompanied by a small fee.

hope this helps!

be Boundless,


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