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I’m a music student about to do an internal transfer into a BA @ StG (will be completing my BMus this year, and transferring “retained” credits into the BA), and I was wondering if a 5.5 credits/year was too much of an academic load. The BA I’ve charted out for myself is a double major in Trin’s ESL program and Philosophy and it ends up working out to 5.5 credits per year. I’m not too concerned because some of the course content will overlap (especially concerning ethics, morales, politics, etc). I was wondering if I’m just crazy, or if this is doable? I’m especially concerned about the later years, as by that time, I won’t be doing hunky dory 100-level courses, which I’m able to manage this year.



Yo Yo Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Musician

Technically you can take up to 6 credits worth, but after that you will have to seek permission from the school.

It’s hard to judge as I don’t know your work ethics and what kind of grades you’re hoping to obtain. Generally speaking I would say to just throw a couple of those courses into summer school.That way you’ll be able to focus on getting better grades in the courses you’re taking, not stress as much and potentially still have a shred of a social life

If you’re dead set on taking 5.5 credits, I would suggest looking into the courses that you are taking and pair up some of the less intense ones in the semester you’re taking an extra class. The anti-calendars‘ an awesome resource that allows you to see other student’s opinions. If some of the easier courses aren’t prereqs for your other courses, take them later when the courses start to get really hard and not ‘honky dory’ as you said.

Good luck, ambitious one!


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