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what’s the easiest way to make friends freshman year?


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glad you asked! it’s really important to seek friends out during your first year, as they will 100% make your university experience so much better.

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here are some of my thoughts on that:

  • take small classes, like the ones programs or the first year foundations seminars. i made some of my closest friends by taking courses like this when i was new to u of t! these classes tend to be more discussion-based and resemble high school classes in size, so they’re the ideal place to meet fellow first-years.
  • join extracurriculars that you think you’ll enjoy, which will help you meet people that share your interests! you can find club listings over at ulife, and most student groups also have an instagram or facebook presence if you have questions.
  • get an on-campus job that’ll require you to interact with fellow students on the regular. i personally recommend work-study jobs. you can find out more about those on CLNx.
  • engage in orientation — take advantage of all the bonding and activity opportunities, and do your best to open up to the people you meet. lots of people are looking for new friends during o-week, so it’s a great time to socialize in hopes of finding your tribe.
  • go to events held by your college or faculty! pub nights, if those will be running next year, are always great.

honestly, above all that, the best way to make friends is to put yourself out there. say hi to the person sitting next to you in class, and make small talk — what year are they in? why are they taking this class? do they want to trade contacts and perhaps study together sometime? u of t can be a lonely, lonely place, and of course you’ll come across some people who aren’t interested in connecting, but i think you’ll be surprised how receptive people are to meeting new people.

i’m fairly introverted, so that’s the best i can do, but i hope you got a few ideas from this! best of luck during the upcoming school year.

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