School’s out for summer (sike)

hey aska

i am in first year life science. i had a question about taking a course in the summer. i want to take psychology. but i am unsure about whether to take it in second semester or in summer. I would have biology with it and other 3 courese. so including psy i will have 5. in summer i am planning on taking a different biology cuz i didnt take it this term. what would you suggest? taking psycholgy in the winter semester or in the summer? Your suggestion/advice is much appreciated 🙂

Thank you 🙂


Heyo Freshy Life Sci,

My first concern with this question is that the course calendar for the summer session hasn’t been determined yet (and won’t be, until well into next semester). Meaning that you can’t be sure what courses are going to be offered for you to take this summer. Check out the calendar from last summer, so you can get an idea of what might be offered.

If you’re are considering taking both of your summer school courses in the same summer term, then it might be too much to handle. From what I understand, summer school courses prove to be tougher than those in the regular school year, as they are throwing the same amount of information into a smaller period of time. So taking two courses that are regularly hard, might be the death of you.

I would probably suggest making an appointment with someone in your registrar’s office. They can look at your specific courses and tell what would be best for you.

P.s I’m scared for your sanity. There’s a reason why there is a summer. No School. It makes sense to take summer school if you’re down credits, but you might actually need that time to recover from a full semester of Life Sci mayhem.

Peace and Love baby,

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  • Bianca Minola

    fyi, for Canadian med schools, they only look at courses taken in fall/winter for GPA. The summer courses can count as pre-reqs (probably already covered in U/T life sci) though, but the marks don’t matter.

    It’s different for grad school though, so make sure you have some idea of your future directions..yea even if you’re only 1st year

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