keeners,  second degree

Tis the season to get multiple degress fa lalalala la lalala

hey aska,
can I enroll in 2 degrees at once? I am in a compsci and lifesci post right now but I really want to do philosophy as well. I know I can complete a bachelor of science and then come back for a bachelor of arts, but is there a way to enroll in and complete requirements for 2 degrees at once!?




Technically you’re completing two degrees by double majoring in compsci and lifesci.
BUT I have the feeling that you’re talking about having multiple diploma’s hanging in your, doctor’s office … computer lab … uhhh philosophy cave? And in that case, no, you can’t.
If I have you wrong and this is about the knowledge, you could major in one subject, and minor in the other two.

Love dearly,

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