who needs sun when you’ve got school!


Im a U of T St George student thats interested in taking summer courses at UTSC because the maximum course load for the summer session is capped at 2.0 here.? While at UTSC, the maximum summer course load is 2.0.? I was either thinking of taking 3.0 summer courses at UTSC, or 2.0 at UTSG and 1.0 at UTSC.? Is this allowed?




Hey there,

There are a lot of other things you can do with your summer you know.

For example, you can get a job as a camp counselor and chase children around under the blazing sun. Or maybe you can score some work at a burger joint. Or if you have the funds to dole out, you can take a vacation!

But if you?re set on going to summer school, then I?m sorry to tell that no, you?re capped at 2.0 credits regardless of what campus you take the courses at. All of that stuff is done on ROSI, who despite its flaws is good at telling you when you?re enrolled in too many courses and then stopping you. Basically, since you?re a St. George student, you?re going to have to go by the St. George rules.

Sorry about that!

spending summers saving,



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