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food is everything

I’ve done a lot of research, and nowhere does it say whether Innis has a meal plan, or even a cafeteria…

I need a place with food, and I really liked the look of Innis..




Hey hey PC,

Looks like you have done your research! You totally get a gold star. You don’t know how many people ask questions without consulting Google first.

Anyhow, you’re right. There is no meal plan at Innis. Why? Because Innis functions as an apartment-style sort of residence, meaning you get a fully equipped kitchen that allows you to cook. Yes, that’s right, you can actually go to UofT to learn about biology and sociology and all of those other beautiful things, while also learning how to cook!

But if you cross the street and head over to the Innis Caf located in Innis College, you can buy food there. They have freshly squeezed juices, breakfast specials with enough bacon to fill your monthly quota for it, and these absolutely amazing chicken kabobs. However, if you’re really set on purchasing a meal plan, there’s nothing stopping you from getting one that allows you to eat all over campus.

suddenly starving,



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