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engaging toronto for 66 hours

I thought I’d ask another question, since you guys were so helpful last time. 🙂

I applied for and was accepted into a University College ONE program. I’m just having trouble understanding how to enrol in the course and what the codes mean. The course code is UNI103Y1<>

I understand it is a full course that will last the entire year. But it says [12P/54S] after the title. Is this 12 hours of practicals and 54 hours of seminars? How is this possible if the time for the course says F10-1? Shouldn’t the practicals and seminars be separate? Also, if I’m doing 3 hours a week for this course and it will last 24 weeks, that adds up to 72 hours. Does that mean sometimes I will not do 3 hours a week, because the 12 hours of practicals and 54 hours of seminars add up to 66 hours?

Thanks in advance,


Hello again

So with my crappy math I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll have 18 seminars (three hours), leaving room for 6 practicals (two hours).

You know why?

Because you go on FIELD TRIPS!

(I think.)

Your program is called “UC One: Engaging Toronto,” so it’s no surprise that this means you get to physically engaged with the city. But checking out this page on the 2012-13 recap of UNI103Y, you’ll see that they went to the Ontario Food Terminal, had a historical tour of Toronto’s Hospital Row and the MaRS Discovery District, and more!

I can’t seem to find any specifics on the 2013-14 plan for the course, but don’t worry — I highly doubt you’ll get stuck dedicating 66 hours to the course. 😉



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