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Hellooo Aska!

I’m currently in second year and have recently decided I want to go into a neuroscience specialist. Problem is, I can’t find the requirements to get into the specialist after second year! I know the psych specialist has different requirements for 2nd years applying than for the 1st years, is it not like that for all of them?



Heyyyyy there enthusiastic friend!

Ok so you’re pretty lucky, because the neuroscience specialist doesn’t have any super specific requirements for applying after 2nd year, apart from marks. As long as your average in the 3.0 first-year credits listed as prerequisites on the course calendar are in the high 70s and none of those individual courses have a grade that’s below a mid-70, you should be fine. Obviously, you should aim higher than that. It’s important to push yourself, you know. That’s what school’s all about.

You shouldn’t assume though that everything has different requirements after 1st year, like psych. Each program is different, and the best thing to do is always go to the course calendar or department website and take a look. If the program does have specific requirements for different years, it should specify that. And if you’re really uncertain about the information you’re finding there, just give the department a quick phone call.

Enjoy your cranial studies!


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