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Hi, I am a second year student in Computer science in University of Toronto. I was shocked when I saw my marks on ROSI. I failed two courses that required for next year computer science studies. Actually, I got not bad mark each of them before final exam. Because of some family and relationship issue, I didn’t review much about them before exam. I did really bad in those two final exams. One of them is lower than 40% so that I was considered to be failed on that course regardless my grade before exam. The third year computer science needs 3.0 CGPA. In this case, I have lost completely. I don’t know what to do. I love computer science and programming, I never think I will fail cs course. Is it possible for me to go on in computer science? Please give me some information. Thank you so much.


hey there,

well, if you don’t have the 3.0 CGPA to move on, then unfortunately you’ll have to figure out some kind of alternative. it’s supremely uncool, i know, but what can ya do. obviously, i’m not telling you to drop out. i’m just saying you have a choice to make, and it’s in?your hands:?whether that means not continuing with your studies, transferring schools, or changing programs is totally up to you. it’s a personal choice, right, so i can’t tell you what to do. i can suggest some stuff – i’m super good at suggestive waffling – but you have to do what feels right for you (ew i sound like a new-age doctor but seriously in this case it’s true ok).

i mean if you love programming, maybe there’s another program somewhere that still has to do with programming but better suits your needs. i’m not an expert, but maybe there’s an analogous college program you can transfer into that might be more helpful to you. give it a think over, just for me, if you can; don’t discount the idea just because it wasn’t part of your original plan.

however if you think about it and you decide that you a) definitely want to stay in the program and b) can do a lot better next year, then you can try to petition your final grade. if you think that your family/relationship issues really were the cause of your low marks, then you might be able to rewrite some exams and/or resubmit some work. the pamphlet i linked to gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do this, but basically the first step is to contact your instructor or the department, depending on who you have access to.

petitioning your grade may or may not work out, but it’s worth a try if you think that these marks were just a one-time slip-up, and not an indication that what you’re doing isn’t really RIGHT for YOU (there i go with the new-age-yness again ugh). so that’s what i’d recommend. also, if you decide to do that, do it as soon as possible. it may end up being a long process, and you should try and sort it out right away.

i hope that helps a bit. good luck to ya!


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  • Christine

    I’d just like to point out, that as long as you’re in a Computer Science POSt, you don’t need a 3.0 CGPA. That’s only if you’re not in the POSt. Fellow CS student talking here. So there’s still hope ;D (although it might be late now).

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