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RIP con ed

I am a concurrent education student at york going into second year, would i still be able to transfer to uoft’s con ed program even though its closing this year?



unfortunately, because oise’s con ed program is closing this year, they will not be accepting any more new students.

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you can check out the oise website for more information on heir other programs, but for now, their con ed program is closed and not accepting any new students.




make your biggies small

Hi, How bad is getting a 1.0 LWD and 0.5 NCR (both courses not related to the program I’ll be applying to and future career) in first year? I’m seriously considering applying to uoft’s grad school (masters of teaching). And what can I do to improve my chances in getting accepted into grad school during the three years I have left of undergrad? Thank you so much.



i would say that it’s not really a big deal! you are allowed to withdraw from up to 3.0 FCE’s and CR/NCR up to 2.0 FCE’s throughout your undergrad as safety nets. especially since you’re only in first year and neither courses are related to your future program, it really is no biggie.

as for getting into grad school, you need more than just good grades. i would suggest doing extra-curriculars that are related to teaching, like volunteering at elementary schools or working with children. i’d also suggest doing stuff with the profs in the programs that relate to what you wanna do- they can write you reference letters and really help you out when it’s time to apply for grad school.

good luck!!




OISE poise pudding and pie

Hey aska ! Could you clarify what careers someone would be able to pursue with a masters from OISE in counselling and psychotherapy?


hey there,

obviously, you can do pretty much anything in terms of a career. in the last few decades (she says, as if she has been alive for all of them), there has been such a proliferation of degrees that there is rarely – if ever – only one way to break into a career. that being said, just telling you “you can do anything!” without providing concrete details is a big cop-out, so I’ve done some digging about your degree and potential paths, while keeping in mind that, really, your imagination is the limit.

the M.Ed. in Counselling and Psychotherapy “provides the student with the basic preparation for certification as a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC) with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA).” that’s some pretty specific and intentional wording, so I decided to dig a little bit deeper.

uoft isn’t on the CCPA’s list of accredited schools, so unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to fast-track the certification process. fortunately, it’s not too harrowing a process. you just have to submit a few documents for review to the CCPA (per this document’s guidelines). so if you’d like to be a Certified Canadian Counsellor, you can go down that route.

counsellors and psychotherapists work in educational facilities, private practice, and volunteer organizations, as well as private practices. it’s a career that spans a wide range of jobs. if it’s something you are interested in, you could probably make it happen in a variety of different ways, in a variety of different places. hopefully your practicum can give you more context than I can – because to be honest I know very little about this on an intimate level – and you can start to think about where you fit in this profession (if at all).



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