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talking to others is hard

hello hello. How do I approach someone in a senior administration position about nomination letters and letters of support for scholarships and awards?



dude, talking to people is so hard and it’s even harder when they’re in a position of authority.

i would suggest just making an appointment with the person you have in mind and just being polite and straight-up about what you want. if you’re making the appointment over email, be as formal and cordial as possible. if you’re making it over the phone, be polite and amicable as possible. maybe even practice what you’re gonna say a few times.

i’d also suggest asking someone you have an established relationship with. maybe there was a project you did for the registrar’s office or you were involved in an extracurricular where you had to be in contact with a senior administrator. if there’s someone that knows you well and has experience working with you, they would be a great option. in that case, i would remind them (when you’re making the appointment) of who you are and how you know them. yes, you’re special, but people are busy and forget.

even if the person you have in mind doesn’t know you, i’d still reach out to them for an appointment. strike up a friendly conversation and see where it goes from there. i know that talking to people is incredibly hard (trust me, i’m an internet entity, i don’t talk to people in real life) but there’s nothing to lose!

good luck!

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don’t ask us about the babies

Hello askas (ive heard that there are two now)! I am applying for a few internships and I need some academic references. I also may need some for future grad programs! So I read your previous posts on profs and references. Could I ask TAs for references and if so, what approach should I take? Are there other people besides profs and TAs who can provide academic references? Or would references from TAs and other ppl be useless? Thanks for your time(:



yep, there are now two askas running around the place. we are united by our frozen hearts, love of gifs, and distain for math. we’re also lowkey both beyonce. it’s a really really snappy work environment.

academic references are usually instructors in a course, so usually a prof. i know that sometimes you form more relationships with your TAs, but academic references are usually the people who teach the course material. sucks, i know.

if you have a TA you really really wanna use as a reference, i would get in contact with the organization that you’re trying to intern for or check out their application guidelines to see if they accept TAs or other people as references.

good luck! hope this helps!



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