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possibly the dumbest question you will ever get on here. I’m laughing at myself for typing this…. how the heck do I get beyond the 5th floor of Robarts… I can’t find the elevators that go further


hey there,

i cannot tell you how much this question cheered me up. writing about academic probation all day can really get you down – sometimes you need to just tell people how to get through robarts.

ok, so you have to go to the first floor of robarts – the floor underneath the floor with the starbucks and the little food court. once you get down there, there’s someone immediately by the escalators who is sitting at a desk outside a bank of elevators. show that person your tcard, and then take any of the elevators, excluding the one all the way to the right.

they will take you all the way up to the thirteenth floor. think of all those books you haven’t yet read. wow.




sunday morning, praise the dawning, it’s just a restless feeling by my side to get to the library…

Why does a great university like U of T have the crappiest library hours?? libraries don’t open till 1pm on SUNDAY!!


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