library,  robarts

sunday morning, praise the dawning, it’s just a restless feeling by my side to get to the library…

Why does a great university like U of T have the crappiest library hours?? libraries don’t open till 1pm on SUNDAY!!

when i was a child, i was frightened of librarians. they knew way too much information, and it made them way too powerful. some librarians try to hide this by wearing dowdy cardigans, or by getting dusty, but you can see the glint in their eyes when they shhhsh you, or smugly tell you that the shelf is “right over there, in the ‘s’ section.

the reason no UofT libraries open before one o’clock on sundays is because all the librarians in the gta get together in their underground lair to have brunch from 10-12 every sunday morning and discuss the virtues and vices of using the library of congress system over the dewey decimal system. crepes, cantalope and eggs benedict.



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