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Can you hear me Major Tom?

Hi Askastudent

I am sorry to tell you that my Sessional GPA was 1.20 and CGPA was 0.32 in my 2nd year in UT, I just suspended for 1 year and i would like to strive for the specialist programme of Psychology. I know it is hard to get into the programme, So I may consider Specialist of Behavioral Science as my 2nd major (PSY100 only got 62…)
Sigh, may you provide some advices to me? Thx

Advices, advices? that?s what everybody seems to want these days. And you know, I really would love to provide you with some, if only I knew what the #%^$ they were.

Another thing is that your situation is a tad complex, maybe something you would like to address your, oh, I dunno? COLLEGE ACADEMIC ADVISOR?!

So please, get your act together, take a shower, shave, put on your finest trousers, and pick up that phone to book an appointment with your college registrars. They?re the people trained to deal with these kinds of situations. And they?ll probably be able to give you important pointers, discuss your prospective schedule, and wrap it all up with some sound advice(s).

I can, though, comment on the info you presented in your question. I will start with a disclaimer- I don?t know anything about you, apart from the grades you say you got. And those won?t suffice for the Psych program. Knowing that, you decide the best option for you is to add a Specialist in Behaviour as a Second Major? Whaa? First of all, specialists are usually taken as sole programs, they?re special that way. Plus, just looking at the courses required for this program caused askastudent a minor anxiety attack. Are you sure this is a challenge you’re up to, coming back from suspension? Judging by your CGPA, you don?t really stand a chance getting into that subject POSt, and quite frankly, that should not be your concern right now.

Students that return from a one year suspension are on academic probation until they can improve their GPA. They need to achieve a CGPA of 1.50 or higher to obtain good standing again, or if they can?t do that, get a sessional GPA of at least 1.70 to continue on probation, until they got that 1.50 CGPA. If not, the student will be sent to a three-year suspension (the full details on page 496-7 of the calendar).

So I think you shouldn?t give up your aspirations, whatever they may be, but right now you need a plan, and the people who can help you with that are right there at your college. Call them asap.

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