You’re giving me nothing to work with here…


I’m an international student and I need to get my eye examed and a
prescription for my glasses. Can you recommand a place to go around
the university? I am also wondering if our insurance covers the eye
examination and/or glasses. Thank you for your answers.

Oh no, not again. By now you should know that askastudent is an unaffiliated, non-profit enterprise! What next? Pop-ups? Sponsored ads? Believe me; you don’t want to go down that path…

What I can do is give you info on the UTSU insurance plan, which does cover eye exams (up to $75). So you can go to the optician of your choice (and there’s more than a few in the downtown area), get your eyes checked, hold on to the receipt, and then send to the insurance company. Now this is when the whole thing gets really boring, so here’s a link to UTSU’s site (the eye stuff is at the bottom of the page). If you want more info, call them at 416-978-4911.

I’m sorry, I usually do my best to add some sort of hilarity to these responses, but I’m all dried out here. I mean, what’s there to mock? Should I call you four-eyes? That’s juvenile. So now I have to stoop to ‘funny’ need-eye-glasses-commercials on youtube. Thanks a lot!


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