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I’ll take Boring for 2000, Alex.

I’ve decided to take a stab at completing a course at U of T.? I am planning to come in to pay the re-registration fee and get all set up to begin.? Since I’ve attended the University before, I have a general idea of what to expect, but I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the amount of information I need to know before I even attend my first day of class!!

I will choose a course that I don’t think will be overly impossible and one which I am interested in: MAT135Y1Y.? I know calculus might not be the first choice on everyone’s list, but I’d put some thought into it, and I’ve decided this will be the course I’m willing to start with.

If I am only taking one course, which things will not be available to me as a part time student that I should know about?? (For example, it’s good to know that as a part time student, my OSAP payments will still have to be made and I will still accrue interest, as opposed to if I were a full time student — I know that is a financial aid question which is not dealt with by you so much, but I think you understand what I mean by part time vs. full time now.)? Another example:? full time students have free access to the athletic centre with their T-card.? Will I get free access as a part time student?

I’ve been told to get a move-on in registering since courses are filling up fast. I’d like to take an evening section.? I’d like to get an email response from you, at least, before I jump into this again.? I’d like to be at least a little reassured or prepared.? Do evening sections fill up within a day’s difference?

What’s the ‘catch’ with taking a first year seminar — I remember there being one. Is it that it doesn’t count toward my GPA, or is it that it doesn’t count toward my distribution to complete the BSc degree?

It doesn’t cost anything to register as a visitor, right? As a visitor, I won’t have to pay, and I won’t get a credit, but what WILL I have access to?? ROSI? SWS? Tutorial sections? Free tutoring?


Thanks for your life story. What’s with the lesson on OSAP interest? This ain’t Jeopardy Trebek, I do the answering?(…for the record you were quite right about that).

As a part-time student you will still be paying the incidental fees. This qualifies you for Athletics & Recreation, Hart House, Health Services and most other student services. You really shouldn’t run into any problems accessing programs and facilities. *Note: no student is getting “free” access to anything… we’re paying for it sweetheart. So take advantage.

I actually started to research the history and politics of the incidental fees for you. Then I found myself looking up all of the Olympic building venues. Next thing I know, I’m neck-deep in tracing the etymology of the word “jeopardy” (…joke-party… whaa?). About an hour later I came back to your case, and stumbled across the Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students.

Watch out. This band of renegades is stirring up $h!t all over-campus (and with reason). Who knew, right? I hadn’t witnessed something so unexpected since I learned about the threats of separatism in Belgium (!!!).

What’s my point? I forgot. At least you know that as a part-time student you will have an active support network.??

There still is space in 3 of the 4 evening meeting sections for MAT135Y (L5102/3/4), but you might as well enrol in it ASAP.???

First-Year Seminars count toward your 20.0 credits, CGPA, and distribution requirements. The catch you speak of is that they can NOT fulfill program requirements. For example, SCI199Y L0363: “Time” would not count toward your program of study in psych/physics/being stoned/etc. Likewise, they do not serve as prerequisites for any upper-year courses in that discipline.???

I really don’t know what you mean by registering as a visitor? As far as I can tell this term is an oxymoron. Maybe you are talking about “auditing” a course. This is when you attend a course, do not participate in any evaluations, and can request a Certificate of Attendance from the Prof. If you are a registered student (ie. you’ve paid incidental fees and tuition for at least one course) and you just wanna hang out in a course for the stimulation, then auditing is free. If you are a registered student who wants the Certificate, or you are a rando off the streets, you pay at least 40% of the tuition fee. Now, there are a million ways in which you would be disallowed from auditing. So, talk to the sponsoring department ahead of time. Here are the basics answers to your questions though:

-As an auditor you will not use ROSI (which is the same thing as the SWS).

-Whether or not you can attend tutorial sections is at the discretion of the Prof/Department. I really doubt you can though.?

-I have no idea what you mean by free tutoring. Math/Stats and Writing Centres are available to registered students, as are any Department-based services. Once again, nothing here is free, but if you can swindle someone to tutor you, be my guest cherie.


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